Sazerac Cupcake Candle


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Sazerac is part of the New Orleans Cupcake Candle Range and is NOLA’s official cocktail! It’s a powerful concoction originally made with a mix of cognac and local bitters.

The scent is an intoxicating fruity accord with lemon top notes sweetened by a touch of apple and pear on a heart of warming smoky whiskey notes supported by base notes of honey, vanilla and woods

20cl soy wax candle with high quality fragrance oil ensures a clean burn of 25 hours and a beautiful scent throw.

The keepsake lid comes adorned with a resin buttercream swirl, a dollop of ‘frosting’, black skull swizzle stick, an ‘ice cube and crushed ice’ and the classic garnish of ‘lemon peel’.


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