Cinnamon Hearts Cupcake




Canadian Inspired Cupcake Candle Range

I had to include the infamous Cinnamon candy in the Canadian range even though it’s not typically Canadian. The candy is a nostalgic one for me and takes me back to my elementary school years where these were always given out on Valentine’s Day.

A rich and warm cinnamon bark fragrance enriched with intense spicy tones of ground nutmeg, black pepper, clove and cumin lifted with hints of ginger and cinnamon leaf.

200 ml Soy candle made with high quality fragrance oil to ensure a clean burn of 25 hours and a beautiful scent throw.

The keepsake lid is adorned with a resin ‘buttercream’ swirl, a dollop of white ‘frosting’, resin ‘cinnamon candies’ and a sprinkling of red ‘sugar’.


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