Hey, I’m Carrie and I’m a free spirit, unconventional, ADHD suffering, empathic, head in the clouds, artist…(aren’t all artists?!) with a passion for creating. I decided I needed to take a breather from cake decorating full time to find another creative outlet. If I’m not baking I’m blogging, daydreaming, gardening, doing DIY around the house, or creating something….anything. I’ve always loved miniature food art so I decided to recreate it with polymer clay. It became a therapy for me and I was quickly hooked. I decided to take my love of cakes, pastries and confections and turn them into gorgeously sweet pieces of jewellery, charms and my signature Cupcake Candles! All items are hand crated by myself with care and attention to detail…because that’s how I roll šŸ˜‰ x