Mother’s Day Scents and Synesthesia?! (I have it!)

Hey my loves. As per usual I’ve been a wee bit quiet on the candle front. Not because I’m being lazy. Far from really. I’ve just been pre occupied with online courses, finding the perfect packaging for my candles (✅) wine making, baking sourdough, gardening, and all the other fun creative stuff!

Also!!! I’ve been watching Criminal Minds recently and there was an episode about a man, seeing in front of him, all the words people were saying…and I’m all like… ‘wait what?…that’s not normal?’ So I googled it…as you do…and it’s also apparently not ‘normal’ to view good days and bad days in shapes…and see colours when listening to music. I legit thought EVERYONE did this. So I was basically today years old when I found out I have a neurological thing called Synesthesia. I mean…it’s not a bad thing. At all. Apparently only 2-4 percent of the population has it…and people that do have it are generally quite creative, and artistic. And good spellers!! And I mean that makes so much sense because I literally see words around me ALL THE TIME. I remember actually asking my husband one day when he was asking me how to spell something because spelling is not his strength, I said ‘Kyle, can’t you SEE it?! Like when you say it…can’t you see it?’ He had no idea what I meant so I just sorta let it go. But it also all makes sense in how I view the world. How having ADHD and having a mind that is CONSTANTLY on the go. No WONDER I’m so exhausted all the time…Anyhow I just thought that was pretty cool so thought I’d share! And I would LOVE to hear if anyone else experiences this bizarre phenomena?! for lack of a better word. I’ve been trying so so hard to quiet my brain lately. Taking naps when I can, meditating (which leads to naps) turning my phone off for longish spells, coming to terms with letting certain people go that really can’t be bothered with me, and just trying not to take everything so personally. It’s hard. Ridiculously hard. But I’m getting stronger every day….I think. Anyway. I digress.

Chocolate Cake Cupcake Candle!

This non stop, weird, Synesthesia brain of mine has developed more candle designs and I’m going to share with you my most cliche types of Mother’s Day scents…but let’s be honest..all Mum’s are different so I’m sure that there will be a fragrance to appeal to all tastes!

Treat boxes that I’m offering over at

My latest and most favourite design of late is my Magnolia cupcake candle. My BFF who isn’t a huge sweet candle kinda gal absolutely loves this fragrance as it’s more fresh and floral. It’s inspired by my soul city. New Orleans 🥰 If you’re looking for more fresh scents I also have Gin and Tonic which has notes of juniper and is decorated with a ‘buttercream swirl’ and a wedge of lime! Fresh Cut Roses is another for this category as it literally smells like roses…but also that gorgeous fresh cut grass smell. It’s weirdly wonderful! My favourite…well one of my most favourites is Pink Lemonade! You can smell the fizz and it’s sweet yet fresh all at the same time. It’s such a gorgeous smell with a wonderful scent throw too!

Pink Lemonade in all it’s glory 🥰

If your momma has more of a sweet tooth, then I highly recommend my Birthday Cake Candle. It reminds me a bit of marzipan, but not overpowering. If you’re looking for a more almond scent, then French Macaron would be your ideal fragrance. It has notes of sweet cherry too.

There are so many to choose from and I absolutely have no worries that you won’t find the perfect scent! I offer all my fragrances as wax melts as well. Coming soon will be my reed diffusers too for those of you who can’t, or just don’t like the idea of having a candle burning in your home at any given time. I’m actually writing this while laying in the bath with my Orange Creamsicle, and Blueberry cheesecake candles lit. And it’s like I’m sitting in a wee bakery taking in all the scents… wee glass of wine in hand and I’m good! Omg a wine scented candle?!! Ok I’m on it…see this brain?! That’s what it does! Ugh. The unfinished projects!!!! (My husband, bless him, is a patient man!)

So get ordering my lovelies! I’m feeling inclined to pop a little discount code in because let’s be honest. Lockdown has been hard and we can all use a treat! So how does 30% off sound? Of my entire store?…well sure. I mean. Why not 🤷🏻‍♀️ You deserve it right?! Let’s go for code LOVEMYMUM’ shh no one needs to know they’re for you! 😉

Happy Shopping! If you have ANY questions, please feel free to drop me a line. It’s what I’m here for 😘 sending so much love and light! (Pun intended of course!) ❤️

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