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What am I doing with my life?! And Milk and Cookies Candles!

Finally!! I tell you what, I’ve been meaning to make these for MONTHS now. Between my cake business and working at Starbucks, being a full time mom, wife, and business woman…my creativity and mental health was suffering in a BIG WAY. So something had to give. That something was unfortunately Starbucks. Unfortunately because that extra cash was great and I loved my wee Starbucks family. But after lockdown, I realised how much I loved working from home, being around for my kids whenever they needed me, and having a semi tidy house. Fortunately…in that after lockdown working wasn’t FUN anymore. People got mean and ugly, and I was so done with it. Since I quit last month I’ve been lazy. Not gonna lie. I’ve been enjoying my new found freedom, having longish lie ins until 8am…pottering about the house, working on MY schedule. My kitchen is finally finished after a few setbacks (that’s another story) and I’m starting to get a proper routine back. So today I got my cakes baked…and I got my candle supplies out. And I got busy. And I enjoyed EVERY moment of it, I mean THOUROUGHLY enjoyed it. And in between the melting and mixing, pouring and moulding, I got the hoover out, I cleaned the bathroom, and I washed dishes. And I felt productive, and content. It’s been some time that that’s gone hand in hand.

The last few days my husband has been on holidays. When he doesn’t do much…I tend to follow the same pattern. So we ended up binge watching ‘The Boys’ on Netflix. Oh my goodness, we LOVED it! It was funny, really funny, and it had its fair share of gore. I found myself gasping and turning away from the screen a LOT. But so so worth it. Anyway, I digress!! At one point we asked each other jokingly ‘what are we even doing with our lives?!’ My husband finally managed to get off his arse and take the car to the garage. I got up and decided to make candles. He text me at one point and asked ‘Have you done anything with your life yet?!’ I just laughed and thankfully was able to text back honestly that yes indeed I was! 🤣

Chocolate Chip was the first one that I managed to make. It was supposed to be Gingernuts but I had run out of my Gingerbread fragrance oil, so that was a no go. Tomorrow I’ll be working on Oreo Cookies and Milk, and Peanut Butter! So watch this space as I will let you know as soon as the new fragrances are here! These babies are 8oz of 100% soy wax and will give you a good 25 hour burn. And a clean burn at that. You can purchase them here Don’t forget to shop local and support all your little businesses. We NEED you!! 🥰❤️ Thanks my loves. Can’t wait to show you what else I have in store for you!! X

Sending much love and light 💓