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Wax Melt Sample Box

Hey my loves! How is everyone? Things are still all a bit weird aren’t they?! I’m back to work at Starbucks, and truth be told…I’m not loving it. The company has been GREAT! No complaints there. I’m just not loving the post lockdown bit. At all. I’m not actually loving being back in the outside world to be honest. I got too used to be at home with my babies…and I’ve just really realised that they’re needing their momma now, so much more than I thought they would at this age. And I love it. And I cherish these moments ❤️ I’ve been reading, creating, gardening, and just BEING. And it’s been soooo so good for the soul.

I used my time during lockdown to really focus on my candles and get my ideas and creations to you as well. I’m still working on all my designs, but while I’m doing that…I’ve finally managed a gorgeous sample box to suit every taste!

Each box contains 12 melts of your choice. They’re 2 oz pots, and you can easily get 6 burns per pot. These will make great gifts, or just a great way to sample all of your favourite scents so you know exactly what to expect with my other range of candles 🥰

All of my wax melts are made with soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. They have a very high scent throw that will have your house smelling beautiful. It’s a clean burn unlike many paraffin waxes and if you’re not a fan of having an open flame, wax melts are the best solution to a candle if used in an electric wax burner. It’s a win win really. Gorgeous scents, lots of fragrances to choose from, and affordable too! All you have to do is select 12 of your favourite fragrances, pop it in your basket, and leave the rest to us!

I hope you love these fragrances as much as I do!

To order your very own sample box, just click here and take your pick! Don’t forget to subscribe as I have so much more to show you and I’m just so excited ❤️

Sending so much love and light in these trying times. Don’t forget to stay present and BREATHE! We’re all in this together xx

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