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Birthday Cake and Irn Bru Soap ğŸŽ‚ 🍰

Hey my loves. I’m back from Vancouver and I’m struggling. Kinda. Sorta. Struggling in the sense that my dreams and ambitions are right in the forefront of my mind and it’s going to take awhile to fruition…and that’s totally ok but this gal is IMPATIENT! I’m missing my Reema like mad (thank goodness for FaceTime) and we’re kinda doing this dreaming thing together. We’ve got a 5 year plan, and we are going to make magic happen…just you watch 😍

So after being ‘home’ in Scotland for 3 days, I got my butt in to gear, got ALL the ingredients together that I’ve had sitting around for ages, and I got making some soap.

The base contains Olive oil, palm oil (organic and certified sustainable thank you very much) coconut oil, castor oil and hazelnut oil. Gorgeously rich and it produces a beautiful lather. And it smells the exact same as my Birthday Cake Candle that you can order here!

These will be available to pre order here and I’ll send them out in a month. I know, I know….but these are artisan soaps, they contain lye, and for the saponification to happen and to get rid of the lye, it needs to cure for a month. But the wait will be worth it. These soaps will be available in ALL my candle ‘flavours’ as well, and I’ll be selling them individually, with a hand knitted facecloth, and also as part of a gift set which will also be available for pre order. You know….for Christmas and all 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m also making some very unique candles for The Depressed Cake Shop and I’ll have them for sale in September. I’m providing miniature scented candles to McGreevey Cakes for her Cakeheads masquerade ball in October as well so things are all go here! Not to mention wedding fairs and macarons…(I’ll keep you posted, subscribe so you don’t miss out!) All in all, things are looking up. I feel my soul has been evolving pretty rapidly these last few weeks as well and I’m finally getting rid of my too nice attitude, not letting people treat me like a stepping stone or a convenience and that in itself is letting me get on with my purpose and passion in life. I was put here for a damn good reason. And I may not realise what that reason is just yet, but I’m putting it all to the universe and trusting that everything is here to help me…

Side note:

So, unbeknownst to me…my Birthday Cake fragrance oil contains vanillin, which makes sense considering it’s got a lovely sweet smell to it….but it didn’t state that on the bottle!!! Which meant I did NOT add a vanillin stabiliser…which in turn meant that there was a lye chemical reaction which has now discoloured the soap. And that’s fine too…as it still kept it’s beautiful scent…it’s just looking a little more over baked than I’d have liked. Ah well, live and learn I guess? 😍

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