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Cupcake Candles?! Yep, I got ’em!

I’ve been working my butt off recently. Sourcing supplies, making moulds, casting resin, creating labels, getting insurance…the list goes on. Because I got a bee in my bonnet, and when I get a bee in my bonnet…there’s no stopping me. Yeah I’ll procrastinate, I’m very good at that, but this idea was far too good not to get started on ASAP! And then my mind goes to overload and I think of ALLL the exciting ‘flavours’ I can add. So I have to calm myself down and start small right? Because if I don’t control myself…the idea controls me and I get NOTHING done. So I choose two fragrances to start with.  I order my labels, I cast my resin, and a candle is born. Y’all I’m just so excited about this, because one, it’s freaking beautiful, and two, I’ve never  seen anything quite like it. My gorgeous, exciting, one of a  kind…..100% Soy Wax Hand Poured Cupcake Inspired Candles!!! I realise how much I’m tooting my own horn here…but I’m EXCITED!! (It’s not that obvious is it 😉 )


So here’s the deal guys…..These beauties take about 2 weeks to cure. Sure you can light ’em up as soon as they’re cooled. But to get that gorgeous scent filling your house…these babies need to set up and cure to do it’s magic.

So I’ll be taking pre orders for these. The scents available to pre order today are Pink Lemonade, and Chocolate Orange.

Pink Lemonade Cupcake Candle

You’ll get about 25 hours of burn time and when your candle is used, you just need to give me a buzz and I can send you a refill if you so desire. To preorder yours today for just £18 including shipping in the UK just visit my shop. Every cupcake ‘flavour’ in the collection will boast a different ‘buttercream swirl’ and garnish. Future scents will include Gin and Tonic, Strawberry Fizz, Lemon Curd, Mint Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Orange Creamsicle and even an Emoji Poop inspired one that my son is adamant must smell just like it’s namesake…. I’ve tried to convince him that NO ONE would really love a candle that smells like poop….he doesn’t agree. There’s no arguing with a 5 year old about that though…but I can assure you, it will smell pretty damn good…..I digress.

The list of scents goes on and on, and I am so excited to bring you a new one at least once a month. I’m even starting a monthly membership that you can sign up to and have a new fragrance delivered to your door every month.  Also, this is when I need your help, and of course because I’m a very new business I want to spread my wings a bit and get my product seen. I would love to have a stall at Cake International Birmingham in November this year. In order to do this, I need to sell at least 100 candles to get the ball rolling to finance the dream. I would appreciate it so much if y’all could share this blog and my social media links. Thanks so much! I’d love to hear your thoughts and any ‘flavour’ ideas you might have!

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