Donut Eat the Soap!!!!

Donut Soap Vanilla and Strawberry

We’re already in February of 2018 and although I was more than ready for it….2017 was kinda like my baby. I grew so much and had so many amazing moments and experiences…that I almost felt like by going in to 2018, I would lose all that. And I got scared, and sad. And then realised that 2018 would have so many more beautiful things for me to look forward to. And that I’m allowed to hold on to 2017, and cherish every beautiful transformation that I went through. And yes I’m trying to type through the tears right now, but I am so excited for what this year has to bring as well.

I’m typing this from my husband’s Granny’s spare room. It’s 1950’s vintage, with pale purple wallpaper, amethyst carpets, dark mahogany vanity table, and the frilliest lamp shade I’ve ever seen…..

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