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Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Relationships and Sprinkle Racks

Hey guys, long time no speak…I’ve been really thinking long and hard on whether or not I wanted to continue writing on this blog. Mostly because I was getting a lot of negative feedback in that I was writing maybe a little too truthfully…but to be honest,  if I can’t be honest with myself (and to whoever’s reading this),  Then what’s the point? I write this blog because I know I can’t be the only ‘crazy’ one. The only reason I thought I was actually going insane was because no one EVER comes clean about the thoughts and feelings they have, so the ‘real’ people feel isolated, insane and really quite helpless. I truly believe that we are souls having a human experience…and all the ‘small stuff’ that we think is so important, really is just small stuff.  I believe that all our thoughts and feelings should never EVER be judged. That we have these thoughts and feelings for a reason. Today I want to put my thoughts about relationships out there. They’ve been weighing on my mind a lot lately.

Since starting on this journey of awakening, I’ve come to reflect a lot on my relationships, with myself and with others. If you think about it, when it comes to life or our reality…relationships make up a HUGE chunk of it, whether they be of the romantic kind, or friends/family. I talked a bit about my daughter being my soulmate in a previous post. My husband is also. When I speak of soulmates, I don’t mean the fairytale romance that many people percieve soulmates to be. To be honest, I don’t believe in fairytale romance. I believe in love, pure and simple. I don’t believe we have only one soulmate either. We meet people that we know we’ve met before. We have an instant connection. Soulmates come and go. Usually they stick around for a good while. Or at least I’ve experienced that. Everyone we meet, every interaction we make is for a soul purpose, to fulfll a soul contract. None of it is coincidence. People come in to our lives, however insignificant it might seem at the time. We make friends, we lose friends, we have lovers, we lose lovers. But don’t we always come away with a lesson learned, whether it be good or bad? I’ve connected with my Twin Flame. It was beautiful, chaotic, and intense. I met the other half of my soul. But circumstances being what they are, it’s not our time to fulfill that soul union. And that’s ok. Or at least I’m trying to tell myself that. And I truly love my husband. I adore him in fact. He’s funny, he’s smarter than he thinks, he works so hard to make sure our family is provided for. We have THE BEST GIF conversations. He really is my best friend. I can even forgive him his ridiculous love of ‘Rick and Morty’. Even the way we met is pretty incredible, and really meant to be.  I truly believe that the universe only has our best interests at heart…and our minds want to push that away and create our own destiny. But the truth of the matter is, it’s all in god’s hands. All of it. I told a few very close friends about my twin flame connection. And my god I was judged. Because guys…I’m not allowed to FEEL that way. How dare I right? But when you know…you know. My twin came charging back into my life like a freaking bull on steroids and I was waving that red flag like crazy! There was just no escaping it. But the thing is….the universe brought that bull in for a reason. I was being shown that in order to achieve a soul union with my twin, in order to become the best person I can be, I had to step up to the plate and learn some cold hard truths. I have to learn to love myself. Because the only way I can love anybody unconditionally is to love myself in the same way. How can I even think of being unkind or judgmental towards another if I love myself fully. Because if I see and feel love within myself..then I will only see and feel love in others. My twin pushed those boundaries. Pushed me to believe in myself like no one else ever has, made me realise my potential and to go for it, to stop at nothing. And as far as I’m concerned. No one should ever ever feel guilty or wrong about loving someone else, regardless of the circumstances. Love is love. Love just is.


In case you’re wondering whether my husband reads my blog. He doesn’t. I read them to him before I hit publish, and he gives me the go ahead….if the story involves him of course. Because although I don’t care what people might think of me. I care how the ones I love might be affected. So my husband knows all about my twin flame connection. He said ‘Carrie, you can’t help the way you feel. I love you and  If you love me and you want to be with me, then let’s try to make this work…’ We’ve had some crazy deep conversations about this, and as much as he doesn’t like to admit it…I know he thinks very much like me. I also know that what we have together is very real and very honest, and if we want to make things work, we need to be completely open with one another. So far it’s worked out. And I feel truly blessed to have him in my life.

And although this is an extrememly personal journey and blog post for that matter, I write in hopes that people can see how understanding and amazing my husband and best friend is being and maybe want to even be a little more like him. And of course he has his flaws, but he’s pretty damn awesome.  I just wish all relationships could be this open. Because we both have that understanding that whatever life throws at us, we will always be free to make our own individual and independent decisions and have them fully accepted and respected by the other. He knows that I would never intentionally hurt him and vice versa. We also know that if our hearts take us in two completely different directions, we will love each other enough to let the other go. And if that’s not unconditional love. I don’t know what is. When we talk about our future together…or not together, we’ve reassured each other that it will always be amicable. It has to be. Not just for our children, but because we have to ALWAYS follow our hearts.  People grow and change all the time. If our souls are telling us to move on, we’ll let each other do that, while supporting one another through it all. We’ve made that commitment.

He thinks I’m insane half the time, and when I tell him about all the synchronicities and meaningful ‘coincidences’ that are happening in my life right now because I’ve been talking to my spirit guides, he rolls his eyes and laughs….and although he’s ‘approved’ this blog post, these blogs aren’t meant to be understood by everyone. If you don’t understand any of this, then perhaps this post isn’t meant for you. And that’s ok too.

Because of my twin flame, and of course with the support of my husband, I’m not scared about my future anymore. I’m done apologising for the love I feel. I know that I’m capable, and I’m going to continue doing what I love. I have so much more to do and create in this business venture, and I’m ready! So this now gets me to the topic of Sprinkle Racks. My latest creation that I’ve been working on for months to get just right. I’ll have them available in single tiers very soon and in different colours. They’re available to purchase on my Cake Website, as well as on the link below.

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20 Replies to “Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Relationships and Sprinkle Racks”

    1. OMG don’t ever apologise for showing love that’s crazy talk, I can relate to the content as if I wrote it myself
      “Believe and it will be so” knowledge is power and love is at the top of the list for a happy life x

      1. You are so beautiful! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my post. It made my heart so happy. Although I’m kinda sad that you can relate. It’s a bittersweet situation for sure 😅 x

        1. Don’t be sad for me just because I can relate it’s things that have happened to me on my life’s journey it’s all about the knowledge we learn on life’s journey.
          I’m a happy soul don’t worry about me 😂😂😂

          1. You’re absolutely right. It’s definitely got it’s good points. It’s awakened so many of us in a way that probably would have passed us by if we weren’t paying attention. Our twin flame journey is not happening to us, it’s happening for us! ❤️

          2. Would you believe it I’ve crossed paths with another human that is awake. There isn’t many of us about soul beings ✌🏻 spread the love I say
            Sent with love, light, and gratitude

          3. I must thank you for the knowledge you’ve gave me with the words you write
            “Remember knowledge is power “

  1. This is amazing. I am alone and have had a long journey in love. I’m scared of it and don’t feel right yet. But I’ve met someone who feels like. He is my other piece. I’m open and he is not. That’s why I’m worried. I know it’ll all be okay. But I think I’m gonna push him away or lose him. One way or another. He is not permanent. In this life. Your blog is interesting and encourages me to be more open and free.

    1. It’s our own fears and egos that make this journey so hard my love. We are constantly fighting against our hearts and minds. The trick is to just be. Surrender to the universe and believe that everything will be as it should. Perhaps he hasn’t awakened yet. Or he can’t understand these feelings himself. If he’s your ‘missing piece’ (and I put those in quotations because I don’t believe we need another person to make us whole although I understand the sentiment COMPLETELY) he will never stop loving you, and you him. You’ll be in union again. If not this life, another. And I truly believe that. Keep doing what you’re doing. Relax, surrender, and enjoy this beautiful life xx You’ve got this 💕

  2. I trust in my journey with my twin flame and I trust that after the running, she will realize what a blessing it is. Thanks fir the soul, mind and eye openers.

    1. I think sometimes it’s so hard to see that it really is a blessing, because it can be so painful. But it doesn’t have to be. I say this yet I feel the hurt on a daily basis, but it gets easier once you fully let go and surrender doesn’t it? Every night before bed I speak to my twin souls higher self. I send them unconditional love, best wishes, and happiness. I forgive all of their human errors, because their soul is pure love. It helps the surrendering and healing process. I wish you all the best on your soul journey 🥰

  3. I love this! It’s lovely and reassuring to hear thoughts and previous experiences put into words. Please don’t stop. What you have is a gift, and there’s a group of readers out here that hear you, understand you and see you. I appreciate your courage and respect your vulnerability. You’re shining the light where it’s needed and I love you for it!

  4. Wow thank you for sharing, please never stop sharing your story! You have no idea how deeply I relate, Im waking up to being a lightworker met my twin last year, we are working together again. We are constantly learning & mirroring. Its an amazing bond, closer yet still in separation. Being there for my twin thru their struggles has triggered their own awakening! Wow 🤩 divine union 🌟

  5. It is November 2021…I met my twinflame in March 2019…reading your posts made me feel…wow you explain it so accurately…my journey so far has been a blessing….I’ve learned to love and accept myself and I pour this overflow into myself but I also share. I like the part where you say ypu tried confiding in your friends and they judged you. I can relate to that same scenario. My husband and I also share an understanding and we respect each other as individuals. For now I’m with my family fulfilling my duties as a mother and wife. And just trusting my journey.

  6. Carrie…I sit here reading and re-reading your blog that’s happened to stumble upon through Pinterest… you took the words completely out of my mouth and heart. Ten years I have had my twin flame and myself just in the most greatest conflicting time lines…we may never get our chance in the is life… trying to accept that fact, continues to be so devastating, healing seems so far away. The bandaid does no more healing… I hope that makes sense. Thank you for sharing so eloquently.

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