Empaths, Soap, and Voodoo Magic

Woooooosh! That’s literally what I feel like my whole body and soul is saying. I’ve figured it out. After 32 years, I’ve finally put my finger on it. I’m an Empath…which I’ve known for awhile BUT. Ok before I get ahead of myself let me clarify. I’ve kinda sorta always known I’ve been extremely sensitive…(That totally just autocorrected to sensible….umm not so much!) and it was my step mom who always told me that I feel the way I do because I’m an empath, and although I knew what an empath was…I didn’t actually KNOW what it it meant, until now that is.

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My Dirty Little Secret…

Cupcake Strawberry Scented Soap

My laptop charger died on me a few days ago, and my phone is going haywire…and my beloved mixer died on me too…technologically it hasn’t been a good few days….emotionally it could’ve been better as well. Emotionally….I’ve taken a few steps backward. Guys, I’ve been off my antidepressants for 4 weeks! I weaned myself off them because I thought I could handle it…and I could, I was doing really well. I was laughing, I was enjoying my time alone and the time with my thoughts. I was singing! Singing on the top of my lungs, belting out the show tunes, dancing in my kitchen…And then….BAM! I took a turn. And I know what the trigger was, which actually makes it worse, because I thought I was past this.

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