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Mo Chridhe, My Heart

If you have never read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, I urge you to do it…..NOW.  It’s an incredible read full of everything you could ever ask for in a book. I first read the books when I was 15 and have read them about 5 times over since then. In this book Jamie calls Claire ‘Mo Chridhe’ which is Gaelic for ‘My Heart’. I just LOVED it, and it stuck with me and it’s a term of endearment that I have only ever used with two people in my life, because to me it means so much more than just ‘my heart’ …but I digress…

My daughter Hayden was born 7 years ago today. SEVEN years! And wow, what an amazing 7 years it has been. We are incredibly similar in so many ways. We both love a good book, we’re very empathetic and thoughtful, our tempers are a little short, and although I’ve managed to get a very good handle on mine (it only took 30 years!) I know we can work through it. Its part of being incredible sensitive. We both love people but also need our quiet time, away from the noise, the heavy vibrations and cacophony of life.

This child ‘gets’ me, and I get her. We’ve always been that way. She’s so wise for her years and the deep and profound conversations we have is pretty incredible in itself. She’s a total mommy’s girl and she always feels when I’m not having a good day, and on those days she just wraps her arms around me and lets me know that she’s there. Some days she just wants to hang out with me, not saying a word but just letting the quiet comfortable silence consume us and it’s so incredibly peaceful. She is my heart, she’s my soulmate and without her I’d be lost. Mo Chridhe…..

So this birthday Hayden initially had asked for a Transformers cake. She’s Transformer’s mad at the moment but I’m not going to lie…..I really, really, REALLY did not want to make a tranformers cake. They’re so detailed, and fussy and just plain NOT fun to make…so her being the sweet child she is decided that she’d like a cake that looked like a banana but was chocolate inside. So I agreed, because that is way more fun than a transformer.

And then late last night, I still hadn’t started her cake and I got the idea that perhaps she’d like to decorate her own cake this year. I’m not gonna lie, I was running short on time but I figured she’d be okay with a DIY cake. And she was! her T&C’s were that she got to pick her favourite sweeties and put as many as she liked on the cake. And then! She got to eat her cake for dinner (we had a late lunch)

And this was the result. A gorgeous gluten free chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache and Hayden’s favourite sweets.

Happy Birthday Mo Chridhe, my beautiful sweet girl.




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  1. Aw so sweet ,you really do write your blog from the heart ❤️Carrie -Anne .🍩🎂🍡🍬🍪

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